My Third Month Blogging | The Ugly Side to Blogging

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Wow! I simply cannot believe how quick December went and now we’re in 2019! Can you believe that 1990 was nearly thirty years ago? Wow! I’m feelin’ a little old now – haha!

We’re back here for another blog progress report and I couldn’t be more excited. I actually love sitting down and writing these posts. I do hope you find them insightful and encourages you to continue on with your own blogging journey.

The blogging route is a hard road that’s for sure! I do believe it is all worth it though.

The main reason as to why I am showing you these progress reports is because everyone starts from scratch. I honestly don’t know any blogger who has been an overnight sensation and has made millions of dollars in 2.5 seconds of starting their own blog.

With that being said, everyone’s blogging journey is different. You may see quicker results than others or your results may be slower – don’t feel like you should give up! I have started several blogs in the past and I wish I hadn’t deleted those BUT I see it as progress and I think that without those blogs, I probably wouldn’t be here today.

If you’re looking to read my previous blog progress reports, you can check them out by clicking here.

Let’s jump on in!

My Third Month Blogging | The Ugly Side to Blogging

December was for sure one of the busiest months – blog wise and personal life wise. December has also been one of my best months blogging – even if this blog is only a few months old.

I did a lot more for Hello Tegan than I had expected and I am incredibly proud. Hopefully as the months go on, these reports will get bigger and bigger with everything that I do for Hello Tegan.

Page Views

My goal was to get 1,000 page views for the month of December and GUESS WHAT! I finally made it – I couldn’t flipping believe it. I thought because of the holiday period I would not get 1,000 page views. GOAL ACCOMPLISHED! Next month I am hoping to get up to 2,000 views!

I am a little worried because I will be taking a two week holiday in January – with very limited Internet access so we will see how we go.

Here are my stats for Google Analytics for the month of December.

google analytics december

Can you see that flat line? Gosh, I couldn’t even begin to explain how frustrated I was to see that line and that was my mistake! Jetpack was telling me that I was getting views coming in but Google Analytics wasn’t! I had been fiddling around with my blog on the 13th and I didn’t notice for three days that I had broken something! So for those three days, I’ve had to rely on Jetpack’s analytics to tally up the rest of my views. It was super annoying!

My traffic did slow down around the 22nd December but did pick back up on 25th December – assuming it was because of the holiday period and everyone was getting ready for Christmas.

My best day was on December 10th – I received 183 views for the entire day! I couldn’t believe it. December 17th and 18th were also awesome days too! I received nearly 300 views in just two days!

According to Jetpack my total views for December were 1787! Woohoo!

During January I hope not make any little errors like this one and rely on Google Analytics only.


My most popular Pinterest pin for the month of December

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I actually really love this pin. It’s colourful and super eye-catching as well.

My most popular blog post for the month of December

They go hand in hand with each other – How I Made My First Affiliate Sale in Less Than 24 Hours!

I had so much fun writing this post. It was incredible to make my first affiliate sale in less than 24 hours, especially as a new blogger too. Never in a million years did I think I would make an affiliate sale in under 24 hours and with very low page views. So yes, you can do it!

I did take the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course – which helped a lot! I have a whole blog post here, which shows you how this course helped me. Definitely 110% recommend taking this course if you’re looking to monetize your blog.


Please note that I am sharing my income as it is earned and not paid out. 

I honestly was not expecting to make any income during December – zilch! In fact, I actually made nine affiliate sales! Seven of those were by promoting my favourite Pinterest course – Pinterest with Ell.

Lauren had a sale going on for her course, where it was discounted to $10 for the holiday season. Unfortunately, the discount is no longer available – but you can still purchase it for a bargain price of $32.

I also made one sale from my holiday gift guide. I made a huge 68 cents! I was actually thrilled (and still am) because I honestly thought I would never make a sale through Amazon. It was pretty cool! Someone purchased a Bloom Daily Planner – which is such an amazing planner! I discovered Bloom Daily Planners from Lauren Duclos and hand on heart – they really are incredible.

I also made an affiliate sale from one of my all-time favourite affiliate marketing courses Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. This is the course that helped me make my first affiliate sale in less than 24 hours! I wrote a whole post about it here.

If you are looking to make money from your blog – I highly recommend checking out this course!

Total income: $63.68. 


I said to myself, if I really want to turn my blog into a full -time business, I’m going to have to really make a few long term investments and that is what I did.

Quickbooks $10.50 – I actually use Quickbooks to help run my partners business, so I decided to invest and purchase Quickbooks for Hello Tegan. I’m using Quickbooks to keep track of what expenses are going out and what income is coming in. I really do love Quickbooks – it is so incredibly easy to use! Plus, I got a 30% off discount as a new user.

Business bank account $0 – While this isn’t exactly an expense – cause it’s free to open a bank account. I did decide to open a business bank account and have all of my income from my blog go into that account.

WordPress themes $161 – I honestly regret purchasing these. It was more of an impulse buy, to be honest. I didn’t need a new WordPress theme, let alone two! I am actually cringing at myself for purchasing these themes! They are incredibly beautiful though!

Making Sense of Sponsored Post Course $159 – Michelle from Making Sense of Cents recently came out with a new course called Making Sense of Sponsored Posts. I have skimmed through it and so far, it is really great. I hope to do some sponsored posts in the near future.

Savvy in SEO Course $147 – I was reading Lauren Duclos’ blog post  2019 Blog Traffic Strategywhere I discovered the Savvy in SEO course. I have started this course and so far it has been incredibly helpful. I really want to improve my SEO game in 2019.  Another course I highly recommend is Adventures in SEO – which is incredible, however, it is only open for enrollment once or twice a year. I was on the lookout for a new SEO course which is available to purchase all year round. Let’s see how we go!

Helene in Between Lightroom Presets $29 – Have you seen how gorgeous these presets are? Oh my gosh – I seriously cannot get over how beautiful they are. I purchased the Retro Vibes for mobile presets. They are honestly stunning! I can’t wait to get my Instagram game up with these presets.

Styled Stock Society Monthly Membership $20.18 – I received an email from Elle at Styled Stock Society offering a deal I simply could not pass up. I am seriously in love with Styled Stock Society – every single photo is stunning! This will be a recurring expense, but so worth it!

Stock photos $7 – Before I knew about the Style Stock Society membership, I had purchased additional stock photos from Creative Market.

Canva for Work $12.95 – This will be an ongoing expense. Honestly, I do love Canva for Work, especially because you can upload your own fonts!

That was a lot of expenses! In January I do hope to cut these down and only pay for what is absolutely necessary.

My email list

I am now working on growing my email list. So far, I have 14 people subscribed – which is great! I worked on some pretty cool freebies during December, so I hope to push these out some more during January.

In other news

I created two new awesome freebies – which I am in love with! You can visit my freebie library and download them both in there.

The Blogging Basics eBook – My goal was to have this eBook finished and ready for the new year and I am so happy that it is! You can download it for free in the freebie library or on the sidebar. It’s a 22 page guide showing you the basics of blogging! I had so much fun writing this eBook and I cannot wait for you to read it!  I’ve made this eBook free forever.

50 Affiliate Programs to Join for Bloggers – Another freebie which I think is also pretty incredible! If you’re looking to join a new affiliate program or you’re feelin’ a little stuck finding affiliate programs to join – wellll, I have you covered! I have compiled a list 50 affiliate programs for you to join! Definitely go ahead and download your copy.

2019 Blog & Biz Goals

  • Oh, I have so much I want to accomplish in 2019! My main goal is to turn Hello Tegan into a full time business. It is my ultimate dream to have my own business. Hopefully by the end of 2019 Hello Tegan will be a full time business!
  • Build my email list. It actually isn’t easy! With my older blogs it took a number of months to build my list to 100 – then again, my freebies weren’t too fabulous either.
  • Write another eBook – I have so many ideas on the table and I am so ready to write another eBook.
  • Create an online store. It’s always been a dream of mine to create my own online store. I know a little bit about the drop shipping world and in fact, in 2018 I did create my own clothing store – which was a gigantic flop! I now want to create my own notebook store, because notebooks are amazing and I don’t know about you, but I always use a notebook. I created a prototype of a notebook and I loved it. I hope you’ll love it too! I’m not going to push to create this store early, because I really want to grow Hello Tegan first.
  • Keep working as hard as possible. If I want to achieve my goals and dreams, I have to keep on working as hard as possible to get there.

What are your blog and biz goals for 2019?

Are you looking to start your own blog or you’re new to blogging? Download your free copy of the Blogging Basics eBook to help you get started on the right track!

The Blogging Basics

Learn how I made income during my third month blogging. Blogging tips for beginners | blog tips | affiliate marketing tips