The Pros and Cons of Taking Up A Second Job

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If you didn’t already know, I currently work two jobs – yes seven days a week. There are a lot of benefits of working two jobs and there are also a some downsides as well.

Today I am going to share with you the pros and cons while working two jobs and what you should consider if you are looking to pick up extra work.

What are your jobs?

My full-time job during the week is an Accounts Officer and it is a very rewarding job. I work within a small team and the people I work with are extremely lovely. I’ve been working at this job for nearly five years – which I can’t believe how quickly five years has come!

My second job is working as a kitchen attendant/supervisor for my partners busy cafe/bakery. I also manage the payroll and anything staff related. I work at the bakery during the weekends and it can get pretty tiring, considering you are on your feet all day. This job is also very rewarding. You can meet new customers, learn more about the food industry and how to make a great coffee!

The Pros of Working Two Jobs

There are definitely a lot of pros by working two jobs.

  • Right off the bat – you will earn extra income.
  • You can save for an item/purchase that you’ve been wanting more quickly
  • You will be able to pay all of your bills on time
  • If you have a debt you will be able to pay it off quicker. Say g’bye to those nasty debts!
  • You can feel financially free
  • You will be able to learn skills – thus making your CV/resume look awesome for future employers. Before taking up a second job I didn’t know how to make a cup of coffee!
  • Being able to connect and build relationships with new people
  • Feel self-rewarded for all of your hard work and commitment

The Cons of Working Two Jobs

While there are some pretty cool pros while taking up a second job, there will also be some cons.

  • Time. Time won’t exactly be by your side while you’re working two jobs – especially if you have a big social life. You can still have your social life – it may just be a little more limited.
  • Freedom. Sometimes you may feel a little trapped while working two jobs and you would love some more freedom. Just remember to keep in mind what your motive is by working a second job and what you can do and achieve.
  • Energy. You may feel like you’re all out of fuel while working a second job.
  • Tax. You may have to pay extra tax. Here in Australia I have to pay extra tax while working a second job and it’s not so fun. It’s always important to check this with your employer. If your employer does not end up taking out enough tax from your pay you may have to pay a large tax bill – no thank you!

My personal view

While taking up a second job isn’t easy (it’s a lot of hard work and your feet can ache at the end of the day), I certainly wouldn’t trade it. While there are days where I feel like things are just completely crazy and all you kind of want to do is just put your feet up and relax.

Before taking up my second job I had a free weekend – every weekend, all weekend and I had absolutely no worries at all. I could do whatever I wanted, I could sleep in, I could get dinner ready during the day or a do a grocery shop with ease. It’s not as if I can’t do all those things now, I just have to work out how and what I do a little bit differently than before. I still have the flexibility where I can take time off from my full-time job, as I have lots of holiday and personal leave that I have saved up.

My intentions

My intention of taking up a second job was never to actually earn extra money or to feel more financially free. I love my partner – a lot and when you love someone you pretty much would do anything for them and try and help them make their life a little easier. That is exactly what I am doing and have been doing since the bakery opened.

I like to think in more of a business mindset for my partners business.

As mentioned above – I truly love my partner and the intention was only to ever help my partners business thrive and be the best that it can be. What can I do to make it better for my partner?

The additional money is a bonus.

I like to think that the money that I earn from the bakery doesn’t exist (well, it goes towards my savings for my house). Once I receive my bakery money it goes straight into a savings account and stays untouched. I like to make sure that the money I earn from my full-time job is the money that I need to live off, pay my bills etc… for the fortnight.

With a second job I was able to purchase my first home

Yes! I could not be more blessed to be able to purchase my first home and it was all because of my second job. I purchased my first off the plan apartment in June 2017 and I simply cannot wait until I get to see the finished result.

What you should consider

While there are so many benefits for taking up a second job, there are a few things that you should consider before you do take up a second job.

  • Can you make the commitment?
  • Will taking up a second job work for you?
  • How will it benefit you?
  • Way out the pros and cons in your personal life before taking up a second job
  • What are your intentions?

Do you have second job or are you considering taking up a second job?

Learn what it is really like to take up a second job. Taking up a second job has a lot pros and it does come with its cons. Taking up a second job has a lot of benefits and rewards and can help you feel and be financially free.