Why Your Blog Should Be Self-Hosted From Day One!

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If you’re reading this post now and you’re new to the blogging world, I recommend checking out this post. It will teach you how to start a blog and get you started on the right foot straight away!

Why Your Blog Should Be Self-Hosted From Day One!

What the heck is ‘self-hosted’ anyway?

You may be thinking to yourself, ‘uh, what on earth is being self-hosted?‘. Believe me, I was in your shoes once and never knew what being self-hosted meant. I thought I could just start a blog and be on my merry way, well no, unfortunately, that’s not actually the case!

During my blogging journey, I’ve learned quite a lot and will definitely have so much more to learn – and I am so, so glad I’ve learned about what being self-hosted is and why is it so important!!!

I started blogging in 2014 and since then have had many blogs that were hosted for free using the Blogger platform, which I personally loved at the time. It was so easy to use and you could customize the look and feel of your blog – it was great! BUT! it was not ideal.

Okay, okay – enough rambling! Self-hosted means that you 100% own all of your content and you pay a monthly/yearly fee to use a hosting platform.

But I use Blogger (or the free version of WordPress or another platform) already and pay for a domain name, isn’t that enough?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news – but no, unfortunately not! Sure, it definitely is the cheaper way of getting started, but it won’t save you in the long run.

So what now?

Don’t stress too much, I’m here to help and show you what to do in order to be self-hosted and why you should be self-hosted!

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, I want to quickly cover why the ‘paid vs free’ version is going to help you and why the paid version is so much better!

Paid vs Free

Sure, the free option sounds enticing – you don’t have to pay a dime to get your blog started – that’s awesome, right? Well, only if you want to blog for fun, but if you want to blog for a passion and eventually want to turn your blog into a biz – you’re going to need the paid option!

Did you know if decide to opt-in to the free option, your content is not actually yours! Yes, how much does that suck?! You could put in so much effort into making your blog look wonderful and write fantastic posts only to find out that you don’t own any of it.

What if one day you logged onto your blog and everything was deleted? Yes! All of your time and effort – gone!

If you go with the free option, you won’t be able to optimize your blog to be the best it can be. Let’s say you want to learn a little more about SEO aka Search Engine Optimization, well you can, however, you won’t be able to optimize your free blog to rank on Google.

Even though you can customize your blog and make it look close to how you want it, you’re actually still very limited to customizing it to exactly how you want it.

If you eventually want to monetize your blog (make money from it), you will have a hard time doing so using a free platform.

Your free blogs URL may look like this – www.myawesomeblog.blogspot.com, www.myawesomeblog.wordpress.com or www.myawesomeblog.wix.com. While you can purchase your own domain name to get rid of the ‘.blogspot.com, .wordpress.com or .wix.com’ etc… I still would recommend the paid version, as potential clients or people who want to work with you, will take you a lot more seriously.

Don’t worry – I have been down this path too and it can easily be fixed! I just wish I had known earlier rather than later.

Okay, so what about the paid option?

Well, my friend! The paid option is a great way to get you started and even if you already have a free blog, you can easily move over to the paid version.

BUT! Don’t be confused with the PAID version of wordpress.COM – sure, you can add some extra features and make it look cool, but you actually want the paid version of wordpress.ORG – which is where a host comes in!

A host will host your blog for a small monthly payment and the best bit about it is that you own every bit of your content! No need to worry about your content getting deleted.

You can also customize your blog to look just the way you want it, optimize it for SEO, rank on Google, monetize it and much, much more! PLUS potential clients will take you more seriously – win, win, win!!!

Finding a host that will take care of you!

When I first started my blog, I actually did not want to go self-hosted, I was scared. I was scared that I didn’t have what it takes or have the knowledge to actually go self-hosted, install WordPress and start to create a good lookin’ blog.

Truth be told, it is much easier than you think! You don’t need to be tech savvy at all.

I have a full tutorial on how to start your own blog, which includes how to install WordPress onto your site in less than five minutes!

Don’t be scared like I was! I wish I was given this advice a long time ago!

So, where can I find a host that will take care of me and my blog?

Look no further! Cause my friends at Siteground have you covered! I use Siteground to host Hello Tegan Blog and I personally would not choose any other host – they have been perfect since day one (even with my previous blogs)!

What’s so good about Siteground?

What’s so good about Siteground you ask? Let me tell WHY you should stick with Siteground and go with them for the very start.

My friends at Siteground have offered a super affordable hosting plan from just $3.95 per month! YES, less than your daily cup of coffee – I know, crazy right?

I love how affordable Siteground is! Click here to see for yourself.

Siteground also provide 24/7 customer support – no matter where you are in the world! So, if you have a question or you’re trying to fix something and need some support, they’ll be right there for you.

Did you know that Siteground’s uptime is 99.99% of the time – which means your blog will be up and running 99.99% of the time! No need to worry about your blog going down pretty much ever. Yippie!

What if I am with another host?

Easy! Siteground can transfer your blog from your current host over to them and it’s free! How cool is that? No need to stress about all the techy stuff – they make it incredibly easy with zero fluff added.

Okay! I am ready to join/move to Siteground. Where do I get started?

It’s as easy a pie – simple click here and you will be directed to Siteground, then click on Hosting -> Web Hosting. From there you will be able to choose which web hosting plan will suit you.

If you’re only new to the blogging world, then I recommend going with the StartUp plan – it’s seriously perfect and if you need more on later down the track, you can always upgrade to the GrowBig or GoGeek plans without any hassles.

You can read my tutorial right here, which shows you how to start a blog and how to set up WordPress in a pinch.

Handy resources to help you on your blogging journey

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Are you looking to switch to being self-hosted? If you haven’t yet, what’s stopping you?

why your blog should be self hosted from day one. learn why your blog needs to be self-hosted from the very beginning and why the paid option is better for your blog! going self-hosted is super easy and takes less than five minutes!