My Second Month Blogging: The Ugly Truth Behind Blogging

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I have never been more excited to write a blog post in my life! I cannot wait to share with you my second month blogging aka the ugly truth behind blogging – especially when you’re a brand new blogger.

We see all of these wonderful bloggers out there, getting thousands or hundreds of thousands of page views and making thousands of dollars each month – but what about the ones who are just just starting out and only getting a couple of hundred page views a month and making very little income or no income at all? *raises hand*

I have decided to show you these progress reports – because everyone has to start some where and I want to show you exactly what I am doing every month starting from absolute scratch!

Yes, it is a lot of hard work and dedication (in fact I simply cannot go a day without thinking or working on my blog – maybe I’m just a lil’ too obsessed haha!). BUT, I truly want to grow this blog and make it something great while showing you at the same time.

If you haven’t read my first month blogging post, I HIGHLY recommend that you do so now! Have a read of it here.

I have a lot to talk about during my second month blogging (cause I did a lotttttt of things) and I can’t wait to dive in and share what I have been up to this month!

So let’s dive right in!

My Second Month Blogging: The Ugly Truth Behind Blogging

Page views

My goal was to get 1,000 page views during November and unfortunately I didn’t quite make it – but nonetheless, I was incredibly happy with the number of page views that I did receive.

If you didn’t know but during my first month blogging I receive a grand total of 58 page views!

I did manage to quadruple my page views from 58 to 648 which is super incredible!

Most of my page views ended up coming from Pinterest – which I am still getting the hang of.

If you’re looking for an affordable, budget friendly Pinterest course I recommend Pinterest with Ell – it’s only $32 and you learn a bucket load of useful information PLUS her own Pinterest strategies. This is the exact course I took to help me boost my page views.

I have a whole post dedicated to her course which you can have a read of here.

I did end up having a bit of a drop in traffic between 22nd November and 24th November – I’m not sure if this is because of the Thanksgiving holiday period  – but I did panic and created a whole new set of Pinterest graphics to help boost my traffic up again. After that my traffic did go back up again.

The day I got the most page views was November 29th which was 58! YES, I managed to get many views within in ONE DAY instead of a whole month – haha!

At this stage I am sitting on around 30 page views a day sometimes a little less (like I’m talking maybe 8 views for the whole day) or sometimes a little more.

Hopefully, by next month I can reach my goal of 1,000 page views! Let’s see how we go, especially during the busy holiday period.

My most popular Pinterest pin for the month of November

You guessed it!! It’s this one right here.

Want to know what it's really like during your first month blogging? Learn the truth behind a brand new blog and what it is like starting a new blog.

I do plan on sharing my most popular Pinterest pin/s for the month – cause I think it’s insightful for you.

Do you know what I think about this pin? I actually think it’s pretty boring – so I was pretty surprised that people did click over!

I decided to create two more pins for this particular post and both of them have slowly started taking off.

You can check them out here and here.

My most popular blog post for the month of November

After posting about my first month blogging, I wasn’t exactly expecting to receive a lot of traction to this post – but in fact, it’s been the most popular for the whole month! It has been bringing me consistent page views for the last three weeks of November.

This post has a received over 300+ shares already!

I am super glad I can share this journey with you.

Again, I do plan on sharing my most popular post/s for the month too – hopefully next month I can add a few more popular posts.

Have a read of my first month blogging here.


This month I was expecting to earn zero dollars – I wasn’t pushing anything too hard, all I am still working on is building Hello Tegan up and getting the right kind of traffic.

BUT! I did earn $3! however, the payout isn’t until January – which is absolutely no problem with me! I’m just not sure if I should share what I did make during the month or if I should share it when it actually gets paid out.

So, how did I earn it?

As mentioned above I wrote about the Pinterest with Ell course (which is super fabulous), promoted her discount code and in less than 24 hours I made my first affiliate sale.

I was definitely not expecting to make any income at all.

I was super happy to see someone had purchased the course – cause this course is truly a game changer and it is incredibly affordable – you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a good Pinterest course! You can spend $32 (or $10 at the moment), put the effort in and use Lauren’s strategies and you will see results!

I do plan on writing a post about how I made first affiliate sale in less than 24 hours – cause I think it would really benefit you – even if it was just $3!

Now, I’m not expecting to make any more or more income any time soon – because building up Hello Tegan is the main goal at this stage – the income part can come a lil’ later on. Yes, my site is monetized – but I will only share products and services I love and use on a daily basis! I won’t ever share something to you that I don’t love and use just to make money from this blog. So either way, I am a happy chappy!


Tailwind Tribes Unlimited

So, I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to Tailwind Tribes Unlimited! It was a very expensive expense – but I thought to myself, I want start a thriving business and really make it possible – this is one expense that will be worth it!

Tailwind Tribes have been doing wonders – so I am glad that I did end up purchasing it.

If you’re not on the Tailwind bandwagon – you can try it for free! Click here to join Tailwind for free without any credit card information required. Yay!

Upgraded to the GrowBig Plan on Siteground

During the Black Friday sales, Siteground was having a HUGE 75% off all hosting plans for new and existing customers. I decided to upgrade from the StartUp plan to the GrowBig plan. It was $22 and well worth the investment for later down the track. An investment that I was happy to pay for!

While this deal is no longer available – Siteground’s hosting packages are still really affordable. They start off at just $3.95 per month – incredibly affordable.

See for yourself here.

Purchased Kimi Kinsey’s Mastering Tailwind Course

While the Black Friday sales were on I also decided to purchase Kimi Kinsey’s Mastering Tailwind course – cause I know I have a lot more to learn about Tailwind – that’s for sure! I grabbed the course for $22. Unfortunately, the deal is finished but! you can still purchase her course for $37 – bargain! Check it out here. PLUS if you’re still learning the whole Pinterest game she has a whole course called Get Pinned, which is entirely free!!

Canva for Work

I pay $12 a month for extra added features on Canva – definitely worth the investment.

My email list

Oh gosh – this is something I am truly not 100% focused on at this point. I do want to focus more on my email list in the future – but one thing at a time my friend!

I did however gain 2 new subscribers – which was very exciting to see.

I think within the new year I would like to start to focus on my growing my list.

In other news

There were so many wonderful Black Friday sales this year – and I honestly wanted to buy everything! I did decide against to do that and only purchase what I thought was completely necessary for Hello Tegan – which was the two expenses above.

I so desperately wanted to purchase a new theme – cause there was so many really, really beautiful ones that were on for 50% off, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. So instead, I decided to change my current theme up a lil’ bit and make it more fun. I’ll probably end up playing around with the colours, layout, fonts etc… next month again haha!


I literally couldn’t wait to share this with you all…

BUT!!!! (excuse all of the exclamation marks – I am just so keen)


Yes, I am super thrilled and I cannot wait to share it with you.

Here’s a sneak peek of the cover.

The Blogging Basics

I may or may not change the cover up a little bit.

Want to know what one of the best things about it is? IT’S FREE!!! FOREVER!!! and it comes with lifetime updates – whenever something needs a lil’ tweak or update, I’ll be there to update it!

It’s anticipated that I will launch The Blogging Basics ebook in December (when in December – not too sure just yet) – right before the new year – sooo, if everything goes to plan it’ll be ready for you to read during the new year. Yay!!!

You can download a copy of the Blogging Basics eBook below!

So, why am I writing this ebook for free?

Because I feel like everyone has the right to learn and gain as much knowledge as possible. You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune on getting your blog started – especially when you’re very new to blogging! I do recommend one important investment – which is to go self-hosted right away! You can check out my self-hosted post right here.  This post explains exactly why you need to be self-hosted from day one!

I cannot wait to share it with you – I am beyond excited.

My blogging goals for December

  • Keep up with being consistent!
  • Actually get to 1,000 page views!
  • While I did say I want to publish at least two posts per week, I am only finding time to be able to publish one at this stage
  • Work on my Pinterest game some more and continue to take Kimi Kinsey’s course and continue to use Pinterest with Ell.
  • Create new pins for older posts that aren’t getting any traction.
  • Go back and edit older posts to help gain more traction.

Whew! That was a long read – but well worth it!

I honestly hope you enjoy reading these progress reports and they’re insightful to you and your blogging journey (whether you’ve been in the blogging game since yesterday or ten years ago).

What are you blogging goals for the new month?

Are you looking to start your own blog or you’re new to blogging? Download your free copy of the Blogging Basics eBook to help you get started on the right track!

The Blogging Basics

What I did during my second month as a new blogger. Want to know the ugly truth behind a new blog? Keep on reading! Blogging tips for beginners.