How to Set Up Rich Pins for Pinterest

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Set up rich pins for Pinterest in under five minutes

Today I am going to show you how to set up rich pins for Pinterest in less than 5 five minutes!

What are Rich Pins?

Here’s a quote from Pinterest which explains what Rich Pins are.

“Rich Pins provide more context about an idea because they show extra information directly on a Pin. There are four types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe and article.”

Let’s say you have written a recipe blog post. If you don’t have Rich Pins enabled then you pin would show up as a generic pin. If you do have Rich Pins enabled then your pin will show the reader additional information, such as the ingredients and measures for the recipe.

Here’s what a Rich Pin looks like:

set rich pins

Step 1 – Install the Yoast SEO Plugin

If you haven’t already installed and activated the Yoast SEO plugin for your blog go ahead and do so now. Click here to download Yoast SEO (it’s free). Once you’ve downloaded Yoast SEO go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > and upload and install Yoast SEO. Once you have installed the plugin you will need to activate it.

Now that you have activated Yoast SEO you should see it on the left-hand side of your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2 – Enable Metadata

Click on the Yoast SEO plugin on the right-hand side of your WordPress dashboard and choose Social and then click on the Facebook tab. You will ned to make sure that “Add Open Graph meta data” is set enabled. Now you’ll need to click on the Pinterest tab and click on the confirm your site with Pinterest link.

You will be taken to the settings page of your Pinterest account where you will need to claim your website. Scroll down and in the claim your website box, type in your URL and click on claim.

A box will pop up asking you to pick a claim option. Choose Add HTML tag.

You will need to copy the link in the box and come back on over to Yoast and paste the link in the Pinterest confirmation box and click save changes.

Come back on over to Pinterest and click the next button and then click on submit.

Pinterest will then check your site and let you know within 24 hours if you’re all good to go. Generally it’s within a few minutes.

Step 3 – Rich Pin validator

Now you are going to need to validate your pins! Simply head on over to the Rich Pin Validator and enter in any of your blog posts URL’s in the enter a valid URL box. Once you have done that click on validate.

Step 4 – Your Pin’s been validated!

Now you should see the apply now button. Click on it and then you should receive a notification pop up from Pinterest to say that they will review your application.

Sometimes Pinterest can take up to a few weeks to validate your pins, however, it usually only takes between 30 minutes to a few hours.

Pinterest will let you know that your pins are validated by sending you an email to the email you used when you signed up for Pinterest.

Super easy and quick!


Learn how to set up rich pins for Pinterest in just less than five minutes