How I Made My First Affiliate Sale In Less Than 24 Hours!

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Let’s talk about affiliate marketing – the wonderful joys affiliate marketing!

While, I am not 100% experienced in affiliate marketing, I would love to share how I made my first affiliate sale in less than 24 hours and with barely any promotion and with a very little number of page views too.

Waking up to see my very first affiliate sale was seriously one of the best moments ever and I want you to be able to feel like that too (no matter how big or small the transaction is).

I mentioned in my second month blogging post that I want to build Hello Tegan up before I do worry about making any serious income off it and I did mention that I do already have my site monetized, purely because it will make it easier for me later on when I do want to really make proper income off of Hello Tegan.

Now, let’s get into the good stuff!!!

If you’re looking to join new affiliate programs, I have complied a list of 50 Affiliate Programs to Join for Bloggers! You can download the list for free at the end of this post.


How I Made My First Affiliate Sale In Less Than 24 Hours!

Please note that some of these links include affiliate links. If you make a purchase through my affiliate link I will earn a commission. This is provided at no extra cost to you. Happy blogging!

Planned out my post

Before we get started, you’re probably wondering how much I made.

A grand total of $3USD!

Yes, it’s a very small amount – but, honestly, it really doesn’t matter. Start small and build your way up gradually! AND YES, it is possible to earn income even with a small number of page views and a small following. Since making my first sale, I have made three more sales by promoting this course.

affiliate earnings

I decided I wanted to write about Lauren Duclos’ Pinterest course Pinterest with Ell. I had contacted Lauren a while ago and asked if I could be an affiliate for her course – because this course truly worked for me, especially because I was a new blogger (and still am).

If you find something you really truly do love and has worked for you – definitely go ahead and write about it. If you know that a course, product or service is amazing, has benefited you and will work for someone else, as well as benefit them AND will be 100% worth their money (cause hey, they’re going to be spending money here) – write and share about it!

Do not talk about something that has not worked for you and will not benefit someone else, just so you can make a sale! It should never be about that – it should always be about helping someone in the long run. Yes, the money is a bonus! BUT! helping someone and giving them value is a much better feeling.

Did you know it’ll be easier to write about a product or service that you love, rather than forcing yourself to write about a product that you’re just not that keen about?

Reviewed the course

Give your readers a short review of the product/course or service that you are sharing and why this has helped you and why it will help them!

If you can and want to share your own personal stats with your readers (which I highly recommend) – go ahead and share them! Your readers will thank you for sharing these stats and have more trust in what you’re promoting!

I personally think showing your stats is a great idea because then it gives your readers an insight of how the product/course or service has helped you and can help them too!

If I want to purchase product/course or service, I like to see other people’s stats because then I am more inclined to purchase that particular product – meaning it really does work!

Being 100% honest and authentic

While showing your stats is a good thing – you need to be honest! How long did it take you to get there?

If you know something is working for you BUT did take you perhaps a number of months to actually reach to where you have got. Unless of course, you did actually see those results in a matter of days – you may like to share how you got there.

Tell your readers that it actually does take hard work and consistency to see results.

You can’t just expect your readers to buy something from you and have it not work for them in a matter of days!

Break down the course/product or service

When I wrote The $32 Pinterest E-Course That Helped Boost My Blog TrafficI had always had in my mind to make sure that I broke everything down and didn’t want to miss a thing.

I wanted to make sure that whoever was reading that post could gain as much information as possible, before making the decision to purchase the course.

Sharing a discount code

I was actually lucky enough to find out that Lauren was having a holiday sale on her course which brought it down from $32 to $10 – which I thought was an incredible steal and such value for money!

I had promoted Lauren’s discount code throughout the post – cause I didn’t want anyone missing out on getting the course for an amazing price!

Tell me where you can find a GOOD, in-depth Pinterest course for $10? AND even without the discount code, where can you find a good Pinterest course for $32? 

I also loved the fact that the course was SO affordable and that it gives anyone a chance to learn for a fraction of the cost of a course that can cost hundreds of dollars (believe me, I’ve been down that path and will not go down that path again).

Sharing and promoting the post

I created two pins for Pinterest for this post. I then hit publish and promoted those two pins on all relevant boards on my Pinterest account, as well as published them to all my Tailwind Tribes. I will keep repeating this cycle and create fresh new pins for this post each week.

I only have a very tiny number of subscribers on my email list, however I still did choose to send them an email to let them know about Lauren’s course, how it helped me and promoted the discount code to them.

I had also offered anyone who purchases Lauren’s course to ‘steal’ my notes for free!

I have found that Tailwind Tribes have helped a lot to increase blog traffic, so if you’re not on board with Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes, I HIGHLY recommend you do so now!

You can try out Tailwind by clicking here for free!  You can then decide if you like it and opt in for the paid option – which is what I currently use and definitely think it is worth the investment.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course

If you don’t already know about Michelle Schroeder-Gardner from Making Sense of Cents, you should definitely go ahead and check her out now! She has made over $50,000+ in affiliate income on just one blog post! How amazing is that?

Michelle created a course called Making Sense of Affiliate marketing, which I decided to purchase a while back and have only now just started to take action from her course and I can tell you, it has been a total life saver!

I believe Michelle’s course has truly helped me earn affiliate income, even as a very small blog and with low page views – you CAN do it – I am proof of this!!

The investment for this course is $197 or two payments of $105, however, it is SO worth the investment.

Click here to check out Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

FLASH SALE! Michelle is currently having a 20% discount on Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing until Monday 7th January 11:59 PT! Use the code ‘NEWYEAR20’ and grab the course for $157.60!!

Have you made any income from your blog? Are you still on your way to making an income off your blog?

Don’t forget to download your FREE copy of 50 Affiliate Programs to Join for Bloggers!

50 affiliate programs to join for bloggers

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