Hello You… Hello Tegan!


Hello you!

I’m actually sitting at my desk at work typing up this post and I couldn’t be more excited. Deep down I know that this blog is in for a good adventure and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

This is not my first blog or my second or my third… I have actually lost count as to how many blogs I’ve created. My first ever blog that I made was on Blogspot (Blogspot was the best platform for me at the time and I had only invested about $15 into my blog, which was the domain name) and it was called Teeg’s Beauty Closet – it was a hot mess and it was probably one of the best hot messes I’ve ever created. Why? Because I finally found my passion for blogging and writing.

You can actually read all of my old blog posts from Teeg’s Beauty Closet right here.

I also found an old pin on Pinterest that I had created for a giveaway – this was waaay before I knew anything about Pinterest and how to create proper pins.

I thought Pinterest was just about uploading pictures and people either liked/saved them. Haha!

Fast forward four or so years and here I am now with Hello Tegan. Here I am using the WordPress platform (g’bye Blogspot) and truth be told I’ve actually been using WordPress for around two years. I’ve had about three other blogs using the WordPress.

Before discovering the “whole” blogging world I had barely any knowledge of using WordPress and initially, I was afraid to steer myself into the “self-hosted” WordPress direction. I had even considered creating a WordPress.com website as I thought it would be a whole lot easier. If you’re sitting here reading this post right now and you’re looking to start your own, go self-hosted. It’ll be about a $100 investment – but for a good reason.

I’ve read many blogs, taken many blogging courses etc… and every time I’ve taken these courses I’ve felt extremely overwhelmed and that I have to do everything at once – it felt crazy. I did end up closing down all of my other blogs simply because I felt like I had no time for it.

In actual fact time was not the problem, it was the pressure that I felt to create something to be perfect and to meet all of these expectations and boy was I wrong. I did not want to give up on blogging completely – in fact, it’s always something I’ve wanted to pursue for many, many years and keep on pursuing.

I also have a tendency to think everything is a race (which it isn’t) and that definitely causes me to crash and burn. A lil’ advice – no, not everything is a race and it certainly does not have to be one!

So here I am again with Hello Tegan. A lifestyle and blogging advice blog (something which I love to talk about – day in and day out and I can’t wait to share all of my advice with you).

What about your other blogs?

Well, they’re totally gone. The first blog I created on WordPress was called Love and the Blog and I totally did not know which direction it was going – so I deleted it. Another two blogs came around which were The Hustling Budget and Clever Money Girl. I wanted to focus mainly on the finance niche, but I found myself getting stuck with writing quality content and the fact that I did not 100% enjoy writing content relating to finance. Truth be told I was actually afraid to share my old blogs until I read this post by Elise McDowell from House of Brazen. The post she wrote was super eye-opening and it made me feel confident to share my old blogs and give you a small insight into my blogging journey, just as Elise did.

Unfortunately, when I deleted those blogs I didn’t end up keeping any old posts or screenshots, which would have been great to share and great for keepsake. I do have one of my old logos from Clever Money Girl which you can view here and an old logo design from The Hustling Budget.

I had also found an old budget planner that I had created as a freebie for The Hustling Budget. If you’d like to download a copy of the planner click here. FYI the links in the planner do not work and it is for the year 2018 – but you can still use the planner to your leisure.

Hello e-commerce world

After deleting Clever Money Girl I decided to look into the e-commerce and drop shipping world and it was super exciting. Learning about new things is great and I always get super excited when I learn about new things.

Who knew you could start an e-commerce business in less than 10 minutes and not have to worry about having any physical inventory? I thought it was a really neat idea.

The thrill had only lasted so long and I felt as if I wasn’t delivering anything overly special or eye-catching to my target audience and I was blowing a lot of money on Facebook ads and getting absolutely no traction what so ever.

I almost waved goodbye to the e-commerce world and then I decided that I wanted to create something more fun, exciting and authentic to my audience and designs that are actually my own and to tie in with Hello Tegan.

I have plans to test the waters and create my own little e-commerce shop very soon (which I am certain you will love).

So, welcome to Hello Tegan.

So who the heck am I? Well, I’m Tegan! *hello – it’s lovely to meet you*

If you’d like to know more about me you can check out my about me page here.

What has your journey been about so far?


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