Blog Progress Report My Fourth Month Blogging – The Ugly Side To Blogging

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Once again, I can’t believe it. We’ve already February 2019. I’m thinking this year will probably going pretty quickly again. I’m looking most forward to achieving a lot of my goals and actually making stuff happen!

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I have to stay January was a little up and down for Hello Tegan and honestly, I didn’t put in enough effort during January. One – because I was away on holiday for two weeks and there was very limited Internet. I couldn’t really do anything and I was dying to come back and actually get some serious stuff done to bring up Hello Tegan again.

Now that I am back from my holiday I hope to keep on working to build Hello Tegan and make it something fantastic for you.

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Blog Progress Report My Fourth Month Blogging – The Ugly Side To Blogging



I did not think I would reach my goal of 2,000 views for January and I literally just scraped by. The first few weeks of January were going incredible and I was trying to figure out how to keep that momentum going.

Can you see that tank in traffic? That was around the time I went away on holiday and was not promoting any content what so ever.

There was one point that I had only received 12 page views in the entire day.

When I got back from my holiday I worked on getting that traffic back up, which you can kind of see it going back up around the 26th.

Hopefully, February will be better and I’ll reach my new goal of 2,500 page views for the month. Fingers crossed!

My advice to you? Be consistent! Especially if your blog is still very new. Unfortunately, leaving a new blog for a couple of weeks will hurt it a lot!

During January I only published three posts and I was hoping to at least get four out – FAIL!


I wasn’t really expecting this pin to take off the way that it did – but I am glad that it did. I actually think it’s kind of boring and little generic. I am looking to change my pin styles up a little bit to see what is working and what’s not working.

I’ve also found out that rich pins are in fact not enabled on my blog and I had sworn I had them enabled. I have fixed this problem and they’re definitely enabled now. Phew!

I’m not sure if it’s an algorithm change or it was because I was pretty inconsistent with Pinterest during January but by monthly unique views dropped a lot! I was so proud that I worked my way up to 174,000 monthly unique views and then it dropped right down to 85,000!

It was such a dramatic drop. I’m working my way to getting those views back up again. Hopefully it wont take too long.


It’s actually the same as the month of December and at the time of writing this post has nearly received over 1k shares! I couldn’t believe it!

That post is How I Made My First Affiliate Sale In Less Than 24 Hours. I’ve only been blogging since October and during October I received a grand total of 58 page views – which was shocking, but definitely eye-opening.

Obviously, you’re not going to start off with 100,000 views during your first month of blogging. OR you could be incredibly talented and know exactly what you’re doing right from the start – but let’s face it, we’re all learning the ropes of blogging during our first few months.

I want to keep in mind that it is not a race but a marathon! It is up to you whether or not you want to keep on going. You may think that this whole blogging thing is going to take too long to figure out and jump to something else (I am guilty of this). Yes, it absolutely does take a lot of time and a lot of hard work and lack of sleep! But it is worth every damn minute.


Please note that I am sharing my income as it is earned and not paid out. 

Once again, I was totally not expecting to make any income during January. I did end up making four affiliate sales and that was quite exciting.

I think I do want to start focusing on growing my income soon and seeing what works and what doesn’t work and finding new ways to earn extra income.

For now, affiliate marketing has been really great and I have found that my posts have been incredibly helpful to those who are looking to take a course to increase affiliate sales or looking to grow their blog.

My favourite affiliate marketing course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing was having a sale and I was so excited to promote it with my readers. It honestly is the best affiliate marketing course out there and I could not recommend it enough.

I wrote an entire blog post dedicated to Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and how it helped me make my first affiliate sale in less than 24 hours.

You can check out the post here.

Total income earned in USD: $164.64.


I knew that I wanted to lower my expenses during January and I am glad I did. Here are my expenses during the month of January.

Quickbooks – $10.50

Styled Stock Society Membership – $20.18

Canva for Work – $12.95

I pay for Tailwind and Siteground each year, so I have decided not to list them in my monthly expenses.

I really do want to keep my expenses very minimal and only really want to pay for things that I know I am going to use for my blog.

Total expenses: $43.63.

I’m not sure if I want to keep Quickbooks or not. I may decide to cancel this sometime in February if I don’t use it.


In my previous blog progress report, I had mentioned I had 14 people on my list. I was thrilled! I did manage to grow my list up to 45 people (+31) – woohoo!! Everyone seems to be loving my 50 Affiliate Programs to Join for Bloggers eBook. You can download a free copy below! It’s totally awesome and worth it.


I finally fixed my main email address from to It’s been a pet peeve of mine for ages and I am so glad I finally fixed it.

I’m going to take the freebie library down for a while. It only has two freebies in there at the moment and I’d love to fill it with some more wonderful freebies for you to enjoy. The library will hopefully be back up in the near future.

I created a Facebook group! It’s 100% free to join. We’re a very small community at the moment and I would LOVE for you to join. Click here to join Hello Blog Babes.

What are your February goals for your blog + biz?

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