25 Easy Ways To Save Money

If had you came to me and asked me how much money I have saved in the last few months, I probably would have told you I haven’t saved much or any money at all.

I have always found the concept of saving money a little more trickier than other people.

Spending money is so much more easier than saving it! BUT saving it is much more important than spending it – especially if you’re buying unnecessary items (guilty as charged). So let’s get saving!

25 Easy Ways To Save Money

Think about your saving goals

Before we get started, you may like to think about your saving goals.

Are these short-term or long-term saving goals?

Write down your saving goals

No matter what your saving goals are write them down. It’s so important to write down what you’re saving for, how you’re going to do it and when you need to complete your savings goal.

A list of saving goals could be:

  • Saving for a house deposit
  • Saving for a new/second hand car
  • Saving for your retirement
  • Saving for university fees/college fees
  • Saving for an emergency fund
  • Saving for a rainy day
  • Saving to feel financially secure

While these ways may be easy ways to save money, saving money can take a lot of hard work and dedication and like anything, if you want to see results – you will have to put in the hard work! 

The one person who actually pushed me to save hard, was my partner. I used to be nutritious for spending money – left, right and center. I had spent over $5,000 using the buy now, pay later feature – which in my eyes can be a great tool when used responsibly, however, it can be very detrimental to your bank account! My one piece of advice is – please don’t go down the same path as I did. You will thank yourself later on!

If I did not have that push, I don’t think I would have as much savings as I do now and I think that I would be still spending a lot of money on items that I don’t need.

If you are having trouble saving money, perhaps look at what you are spending your money on and what you can cut back on. My biggest problem was spending so much money on food and clothes – it just wasn’t necessary.

If you have a partner or friend who can help you be accountable for saving your money – then go for it! Get them to help you be the push that you need to reach your saving goals.

1. Bring your lunch from home

One of the biggest money wasters is buying takeaway lunch everyday.

I am guilty of spending a lot of money on takeaway lunches and most of the time they’re way over $10 a meal!

How about last nights dinner? Bring it to work as leftovers!

There are so many wonderful recipes on the Internet that cater for everyone’s budget. My favourite website is Budget Bytes – every meal is super affordable.

Another awesome website is Kidgredients where you can find some super delicious, kid-friendly recipes. I made some super scrummy pizza rolls for partners sibling’s lunches and froze the rest and they loved them and I literally paid under $10 for everything and made at least 30 of them!

2. Freeze your meals

So, you have come home after a long day at work and all you want to do is rest? BUT you may have your family to feed or perhaps just yourself.

If you prepare and freeze your meals ahead, you will easily be able to reheat them, gobble them up and then relax or work on other important things.

MyFreezEasy offers some pretty cool make ahead freezer friendly recipes to suit anyone. They have a whole recipe index on their website, with so many yummy freezer friendly meals to choose from.

MyFreezEasy also offers monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions for even more cool features, such as, adjusting serving sizes, picking your own recipes and gaining access to new recipes every single month.

If you’re not looking for a paid subscription there are so many wonderful freezer friendly recipes that you’ll be able to find on Pinterest.

Freezing your meals can help you save a tonne of money. This will also help you from spending money on takeaway dinners – although, I still think a nice meal outside every now and then is a nice treat.

3. Write down a grocery list and shop on a full stomach!

Shopping on an empty stomach is the worst! I know that when I shop on an empty stomach, I am so much more tempted to buy food that I just don’t need. Eat something before you leave the house.

With that being said, write down a grocery list with everything you that you need – I generally write my lists using the notes app on my iPhone. This will save you from weaving in and out of the aisles and seeing and buying things you just don’t need.

4. Make your meals at home!

Okay, so you’re probably thinking, “Are these all food related saving tips?” No! I promise they’re not. They’re kinda just a no brainer! Plus food prices are sky rocketing everyday and spending money on food can get quite expensive!

Let’s say you buy takeaway dinner everyday for the next seven days and that costs you at least $50+ (or more) – that’s $350 a week! Believe me, I used to do this and would wonder why I was broke all of the time.

Why spend $350+ on takeaway dinners when you could probably be spending less than $100 on groceries to last you a week or more. Plus you get to make your own delicious, yummy and healthy meals!

Even if you’re no chef – there are many, many easy and yummy recipes that you can whip up for cheap.

5. Set a no spend day

Set yourself a no spend day or even weekend or week! Imagine how much you could save in just one day.

Save yourself that $50 for a rainy day or pop it away into your savings account. Either way you will be able to save it!

6. Car pool to work

Do you have a friend or family member you can carpool to work with? If so, why not suggest carpooling with them. It’ll save you some serious $$$ on petrol and you get to enjoy your friend/s or family members company.

7. Turn off the lights!

One thing that I had ingrained in my brain since a young age was to turn off the lights, if you’re not going to be in a particular part of the house or room.

Lights can waste so much electricity and if they don’t actually need to be on, leave them off .

8. STOP impulse buying

Guilty as CHARGED! Sometimes there are so many pretty, new and shiny things that you must try and buy. Yes, I was (and still can be) that person – especially when it came to new chocolates or lollies that were on the market.

I know that if I buy an item on impulse, I actually feel pretty guilty and instantly regret it afterwards.

Now I try and think, “Do I need this?” and I leave it for about a week or so to see if I actually DO need the item. Generally, I do not need the item and you probably won’t need it either.

9. Shop the sales/clearance rack before paying full price

There are so many awesome items that are on sale or clearance. Check those racks before you pay full price for an item – you never know what you could find.

10. Start thrift shopping

You never know what you will be able to find while thrift shopping. You can find some pretty great bargains, for a low price! Sometimes people may even give away items that are brand new and can be designer items.

11. Say GOODBYE to bank fees

If you are paying bank fees, it’s time to wave goodbye to them FOREVER. They’re super pointless and definitely not necessary.

If your bank charges you fees, it may be worth looking into another bank that don’t charge fees or speak to your bank about how you can stop paying for unwanted fees.

12. Cancel the gym membership that you don’t use!

I had a gym membership which was around $30 every fortnight and guess what? I only ended up using my gym membership a handful of times.

Unfortunately, I was stuck under a 12 month contract and had to keep paying until my contract was over and even when my contract was over, I was still paying for it! BIG waste of money!

If you’re not using your gym membership and you’re still paying for it – ditch it as soon as you can!

13. Cut up your credit card/s

Credit cards are the worst when you use them irresponsibly. I have had two credit cards and did not use them responsibly at all. If I saw something pretty and shiny – I would take the leap and pay it on my credit card and say that I would pay my card later.

Did I pay my card off later? No! I ended purchasing more unnecessary things.

If you have a credit card/s pay them off as quickly as you can. If you have more than one card, pay off the one with the smallest debt first, pay off the minimum repayments on the biggest one and keep on going from there. You can read more about debt snowball method here.

14. Stop buying coffee

When I first started working at my full-time job, I would buy a cup of coffee everyday. At the time it cost $3.50, which means I was spending $17.50 (sometimes more) a week on coffee!

Now if you love coffee like I do, I can totally understand why you wouldn’t like instant coffee. It’s bitter and it just doesn’t taste very nice.

I had an old french press sitting at home, so I decided to buy my own ground coffee from the supermarket and french press. It’s definitely so much cheaper and it still tastes pretty nice

If you don’t like supermarket ground coffee, you can most certainly grind your own beans! and if there’s a particular brand of coffee that you do like, chances are you will be able to buy the coffee beans off of their website or from a cafe.

15. Take public transport

If you want to save money on petrol, car insurance, car repairs, registration etc… then taking public transport will definitely save you a dime!

Most public transport services will offer you a public transport card and top it up with some money and you’re good to go! Generally, it is cheaper to have your own public transport card, rather than paying the driver a cash fare.

16. Walk or ride to work

Get in that extra exercise and energy and walk or ride your bike to work. You won’t have to spend a dime!

17. DIY washing powder/dishwashing liquid

Caroline Vencil has this fantastic TWO ingredient laundry detergent, which you can make at home.

Why buy expensive bottles of laundry powder, when you can make your own for the fraction of the cost?

Natures Nurture Blog also has this fantastic DIY dishwashing liquid and is made from all non-toxic ingredients.

18. Freeze your bread

A lot of people don’t actually like the idea of freezing bread, I don’t see a problem! Once defrosted, it tastes just the same and is till super fresh!

If you buy a few loaves and freeze them you won’t have to worry about buying bread for a while and you won’t have to worry about your bread going off!

19. Cancel cable TV

Do you really need cable? Probably not! Cable TV can cost a bucket load of money each year. If you are happy to cut cable TV, you will be saving around $1,000 or more!

If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, checkout Netflix or Hulu or if you’re in Australia check out Stan. These services cost way less and you’re bound to find shows/movies that you love and enjoy.

My partner and I share a Netflix and a Stan Australia plan. We both enjoy the TV shows and movies on both of these online streaming sites and there are SO many to choose from.

20. Buy home brand/generic products

A lot of home brand/generic products are pretty much the same as branded products and cost a lot less than branded products.

You may be convinced that branded products are better than unbranded, but unbranded products are just as good!

21. Borrow your books

If you love to read – borrow your books! The library has tonnes of incredible books that you can read for days on end.

If you’re not so much of a physical book person, perhaps a Kindle would work well for you! The Amazon store is also filled with loads of books and some really incredible free ones too.

22. Have a meatless day of the week

Meat is definitely expensive! Consider having a meatless day of the week each week.

23. Use coupons

Use coupons when you can! These will save you a pretty decent amount of money. Check out this post here.

24. Use your rewards cards

If you have a frequent flyer card or a card which earns you points/rewards – definitely go ahead and use it.

I use my supermarket rewards card to gain points to go towards Qantas rewards.

25. Save your spare change

Do you have any spare change in your wallet? Save it! Get yourself a good ol’ fashion piggy bank and collect all of your spare change.

Once your piggy bank is full, go and deposit it into your savings account.

What are some ways that you like to save money?

Do you want to find ways to save money? Saving money can be difficult at times! Read 25 SUPER easy ways to save money today!