9 Successful Bloggers You Should Follow


In my spare time I love to sit, back and relax and read other people’s blogs, their journey and success with blogging.

I love reading others blogs – they truly give me inspiration with my own blog.

Today I am going to share with you 9 successful blogger. These chicks are seriously awesome and have written some really amazing content.

According to MediaKix there are over 440 million blogs in the world – WOW!!

9 Successful Bloggers You Should Follow

1. EllDuclos

When I had hit a plateau with my own blogging journey, I had turned to Lauren’s blog. Lauren truly kicks butt! I could read her blog all day long and never get bored.

Lauren also has an awesome course called Pinterest With Ell. Lauren walks you through everything you need to know about Pinterest and she even shows you her own Pinterest strategies. The course is priced at $32 – which very affordable! Click here to check it out.

2. Melyssa Griffin

I first discovered Melyssa Griffin in the middle of 2016 and I thought she was absolutely awesome – the bees knees! Melyssa started off as an English teacher in Tokyo, Japan. She did not find overall enjoyment with her job and started her own blog called The Nectar Collective.

Melyssa has built up her blog to be a very successful business. She has a very popular course called Pinfinite Growth. I took her course when I had first learned more about what the blogging world was all about.

3. Helene in Between

The minute I head on over to Helene’s blog I fall so in love and she makes me have the travel bug so bad. Helene is originally from Texas and moved to Germany and runs her blog full-time.

You can literally run your own biz from anywhere in the world!

She is amazing! Her posts are super informative and you will not get bored when reading her blog.

4. Caroline Vencil

I love opening Carloline’s emails. They are always so informative and it makes me want to be a better blogger – honestly, the motivation to keep on going is all thanks to Caroline! She has so many posts relating to blogging, saving money and making money.

5. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Michelle is a massive inspiration! She has made over $50,000+ on one blog post alone, can you believe that? Michelle also has a very popular course called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. I plan on retaking her course in the near future and I cannot wait.

Michelle talks a lot about personal finance and how she paid of $38,000 in student debt – and it is helped me tremendously with my own finances.

Michelle has also been featured in Forbes – read the article here.

In 2017 she made over $1.5 million from her blog and eCourse and is topping that in 2018! She’s super inspiring and would I love to reach her level one day.

6. Alexis Schroeder

Alexis is Michelle’s sister. Alexis runs her own blog over at Fitnancials and it is such a great read. Alexis gives you tips and tricks regarding finance and has some really informative posts.  Alexis makes over $10,000 a month from her blog.

7. Kimi Kinsey

You may know Kimi’s blog previously as Pink Hexagon. Kimi rebranded to her name Kimi Kinsey. Kimi teaches you how to start your own online business and how to make it successful.

8. Suzi Whitford

Suzi is a ‘Mom’ blogger. While I am not a mum – I still love reading her emails and posts. Suzi teaches mum’s all over the globe to start their own successful ‘Mom Blog’. Suzi has some pretty neat courses if you’re a mum wanting to start your own blog and biz from home.

You can checkout her courses here.

9. Ana – The She Approach

I have been following Ana since she first launched The She Approach. Ana is a big inspiration. Ana shares so many blogging tips and tricks and has an awesome eBook called Boosting Your Blog traffic.

Ana’s blog is so cute and quirky and I love getting to read each and everyone of her posts.

Who are your favourite bloggers?

9 successful bloggers that you should follow today | Successful bloggers are such a huge motivation and inspiration to keep going with your own blogging journey.