5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

1. It’s a freakin’ slow BURN!

Not too long ago I had sent an email to Carly Campbell because I had just finished diving into her Pinterest course. I had told her that in a years time I want to be a full time blogger. I want to come back to her and show her my success! I thought to myself, “If she can do it, so can I”.

She came back to me and told that blogging is a slow burn and boy she was right! *insert slooow burn*

The goal is to be successful, but you really gotta work your butt off for it!

If you haven’t checked out her Pinterest course yet, I strongly suggest you do. You can have a have quick read of her course here and what it has to offer.

2. You will NOT see income straight away

When I had first started my blogging journey, I thought if I had pinned a few good pins etc… I could earn an income off my blog pretty much straight away.

NO! The truth is, you will not see income straight away – unless you’re super duper lucky or you have waved you magic wand!

Making income from your blog will not happen over night – in fact it takes a lot of hard work and quality content to be able to see some income start rolling in.

How much have I earned from my blog?

At the day of publishing the post I have made a total of $3USD which equals $4.14AUD – not much, but at least it is something! I was actually over the moon when I found out I had made my first few bucks from blogging and I am only into my second month blogging – properly!

So yes, you can make money blogging – it will take time!

I made my first few bucks by writing about how EllDuclo’s Pinterest with Ell e-course helped me boost my blog traffic as a new blogger. You can have a read of that post here.

3. You will NOT see traffic come your way overnight

When I had first started blogging (I’m talkin’ like when I first started entered the blogging world a few years ago), that if I had promoted my posts on Facebook only and only to my friends and family I would have a mountain of traffic come through! Haha – I was wrong!

Honestly, I knew nothing about promoting my blog on Pinterest or creating pins and I WISH I had known about this earlier.

So yes, you won’t exactly see traffic come through overnight – well, you will probably see a lil’ bit but not as much as you may have been hoping for!

My traffic is still pretty low – but it’s definitely working its way up!

You have got to keep promoting your content to get it seen and then you will start to slowly see the traffic come in (yes, remember how I mentioned the slow burn?).

Just keep on going!

4. There will be days where you see little to ZERO progress

Oh gosh, one thing I wish I would have known sooner is that there will be days where you see very little to zero progress and it flippin’ sucks!

You put your all into creating a great looking blog, your content and is fabulous and all you get is crickets or absolutely nothing at all – it feels like such a kick in the face and you may just want to give up then and there.

NO!!! Don’t give up – you have to keep on going. Though you may see little to zero progress and you want to give up – don’t! What happens if you give up on something that you absolutely love? You will regret it!

I have faced this fear many, many times and it sucks and yes, I did want to throw all of my hard work in the air and delete everything, but I know if I did that I would feel instant regret – in fact I DID do this with my older blogs and I wish I didn’t – cause I feel like I just wasted precious time!

5. You gotta be consistent!

If you want to see results – you have to be consistent, no matter what! Consistency is key to a good work flow and like I mentioned, if you keep up at being consistent you will then see results.

If you’re not willing to put in any effort or very minimal effort and expect to see results right away – blogging is not for you!

If you do want to put in the effort and you keep on putting in that effort, working hard and keep be consistent – your results will appear very nicely.

My top tip: Please don’t give up on something you’re truly passionate about! It has taken me over four years to discover exactly what I am passionate about – in terms of this, “whole blogging thing”. It’s been a very long four years, but I am super stoked that I have finally found what I love to do! If blogging is your passion – pursue it!! GO FOR IT!! Take the leap and don’t look back!

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Are you new to the world of blogging? Do you want to start a blog? These are 5 things I wish I knew before I started blogging and 5 things that you can learn before you start your own blog!