27 Facebook Groups to Join for Bloggers


Are you looking to connect with more people within the blogging community?

Finding the right Facebook blogging community can be difficult at times, especially when some groups have little engagement or have been left abandoned and won’t provide much insight for you.

Luckily I have complied a list of 27 Facebook Groups to Join for Bloggers. These Facebook groups are fully engaged and have some really awesome people to interact with.

Why should you join a Facebook group?

Joining a Facebook group can help you interact with many different bloggers from any niche. If you are niche specific there are plenty of those groups around too and you can most certainly join niche specific groups only.

Most Facebook groups allow you to share and promote your own content. You will need to check the Facebook group/s rules to find out when promotion days are and what you have to do in order to promote your content – reading the rules for each group is super important. Some Facebook groups may ask you to comment on five other people’s blog posts when promoting yours.

Other Facebook groups may allow you to promote your content without having to do anything in return.

Fun fact: According to Statista.com there are currently 2.23 billion active Facebook users.

27 Facebook Groups to Join for Bloggers

1. Boss Girl Bloggers

2. Connect & Cultivate with Ivory Mix

3. Babes Making Money Online

4. Blogging Boost

5. Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs

6. Women Winning Online

7. Blog Society

8. Pinterest Ninjas

9. Momprenuers & Lady Boss Bloggers

10. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing (In order to be a member of this group you will need to purchase the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course).

11. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

12. The Inspired Bloggers Network

13. Boost Your Blog

14. Blogging 101

15. Blog Beautiful

16. Grow Your Blog

17. Blogging Newbs

18. Pinterest Ninjas

19. Pinterest Promotions for Bloggers

20. Growing Social Media for Bloggers

21. The Blogging Crew

22. Beyond Your Bloggers

23. Blogger Insights

24. The Blogging Squad

25. The Blog Boss Tribe

26. ProBlogger Community

27. Blog + Biz Babes


Update as on 20 November 2018

I am going to be adding more Facebook groups to join below! Woohoo!

1. Catch me Collaborating for Bloggers + Brands + Photographers

Do you have a Facebook group that you absolutely love that I haven’t listed? Comment below!

27 Facebook Groups to Join for Bloggers. Learn, grow and connect with other bloggers and entrepreneurs.

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